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Learning how to cook can be overwhelming- where to start? Eggspert offers a focused experience by highlighting just one food, the mighty egg, with the aim to simplify the world of culinary know-how. At least, that's what I've designed it to do as one of many side projects I create in order to ever grow my knowledge in the field of design. This project was cooked up through a desire to walk through the UI/UX process, employing the steps of design thinking to target the best solution for a particular user.  










Users will find recipes, videos, an orderly schedule, and a league competition for those desiring it. Users who complete the challenge will come away having experienced 122 recipes from around the world at the pace they choose!

Eggspert Cookery
Eggspert Cookery

The beauty of a golden yolk! A mobile app challenge for new cooks to grow their chops in the kitchen culminating in a true test of culinary skill- cooking the perfect omelette.

A sense of accomplishment through the completion of a challenge with learning through diligent practice.

The pace is set by the user whether daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or a binge.

A newlywed 

working from 

home looking to 

increase her recipe 

repertoire of satisfying meals. 

She has a penchant for breakfast foods, with brunch out on the weekends, but would like to sock away more savings.

She’s growing a side business in her spare time, and therefore needs app interaction to be simple in order to maximize her time.

Keeping users like Mariana in mind, 

I endeavored to:


  • ensure informational elements take a background to food imagery

  • keep nested pages to a minimum for ease of use

  • create navigation that flows back and forth easily to swiftly re-access reference information as needed

  • include aesthetically playful illustrations that correlate to the kitchen to set a mood and add fun


During this phase, I studied top design patterns to determine which one would have the best flow with the goal of the app. 

Eggspert Cookery

Through a combination of sketching it all out, and sorting potential features on cards, I worked out the architecture, further iterating as needed to update the userflow. 

Eggspert Cookery

Laying out the screen flow allowed me to identify areas that needed streamlining versus a further fleshing out.

Eggspert Cookery
Eggspert Cookery
Eggspert Cookery App
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